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Aksak Maboul - Figures (2020)

Артист (ты): VA
Название: Aksak Maboul - Figures (2020)
Стиль: Indie
Год выпуска сборника: 2020
Количество композиций: 22
Продолжительность: 1:15:30
Формат файлов: MP3
Качество треков: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Размер архива: 174 MB

Aksak Maboul are a Belgian avant-rock band founded in 1977 by Marc
Hollander and Vincent Kenis. They made two studio albums, Onze Danses
Pour Combattre la Migraine and Un Peu de l'Ame des Bandits, the latter
with ex-Henry Cow members Chris Cutler and Fred Frith. They were also
active in the Rock in Opposition movement in 1979.Around the
mid-1980s, Aksak Maboul went into a 30-year hiatus, during which Marc
Hollander fully devoted himself to his Crammed Discs label, before
resuming his activities as a musician in 2014 by working on an
unfinished album, Ex-Futur Album, that had been written and recorded
between 1980 and 1983. The album came out in October 2014. Aksak
Maboul started touring again in 2015, with a new line-up, and will be
releasing a brand-new double album in 2020.

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