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Сборники музыки » Drum And Bass » Conrad Subs - Pretty Dangerous EP (2020)

Сборник музыки Conrad Subs - Pretty Dangerous EP (2020)

Conrad Subs - Pretty Dangerous EP (2020)

Артист (ты): VA
Название: Conrad Subs - Pretty Dangerous EP (2020)
Стиль: Drum & Bass
Год выпуска сборника: 2020
Количество композиций: 08
Продолжительность: 44:24
Формат файлов: MP3
Качество треков: 320kbps
Размер архива: 167 MB

Conrad Subs is a man on a serious roll out the moment. Having just dropped his album on Nuusic, he's now putting forth a shedload of dubs on Ray Keith's dubplate dread sublabel, a heritage and bassline-rich label that seems perfect for Conrad's fractious style. It opens up with 'All Day, All Night', which is simple in its construction but devastating in its effects, a clattering break sitting easily above a sub-heavy wall of bass. 'Dub Assault' is stabby and pointed; 'Minotaur' is deep and steppy; 'Pretty Dangerous' is spacious and wobbly - the list goes on. This is a proper EP for proper heads.

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